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You will soon find a broader range of subscription services online, from our existing paraxylene, ethylene oxide and polyester raw materials research and nylon, intermediates and fibres services, to our fibres, technical fibres, PET Resin, RPET and films reports and services.

From mid-October, this site will direct you straight to www.pciwoodmac.com 

PCI Xylenes & Polyesters, part of PCI Wood Mackenzie, has been the global leader in research and analysis for the polyester and raw materials markets since 1998. With offices and representatives in Europe, Asia and USA, our ability to follow and analyse the markets is second to none.

·         Paraxylene & Derivatives - paraxylene (PX), PTA, DMT, polyesters

·         Ethylene Oxide & Glycol - ethylene oxide (EO), ethylene glycol (MEG), EO derivatives

·         Polyester Raw Materials - paraxylene (PX), PTA, DMT, MEG, polyesters

·         Polyester Sustainability - bioethanol, bio paraxylene (PX), impact on global warming potential and eutrophication potential

Our business is built on a combination of subscription-based services, and working alongside individual companies on specific projects. Our mission is to deliver economic value to our clients through a unique combination of business insight, technology and professional consulting techniques. Our regional conferences and events further support our clients.

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Ongoing Data Services...

The subscription based services extend from long-term supply/demand data updates, to quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily reports, each focussed on satisfying a different requirement for the participants in the market.

The Daily and Weekly services keep our clients updated on the immediate, changing market. The Monthly Report Service describes the fundamentals of the industry with discussion and analysis of the commercial developments in the polyester raw materials markets, drawing on PCI's strategically positioned consultants to identify issues of regional and global interest. The Quarterly Reports and long-term Strategic Data services provide answers to historical, mid-term and long-term strategic questions. The PCI Online services ensure clients can access readily available data at their convenience.

Individual Client Projects...

We undertake specific projects, which may be in polyester raw materials (PX, PTA, DMT, EO, MEG) or related industries, including sustainabilty (bioethanol, bio paraxylene), petrochemicals, and at the refining interface. PCI's approach starts with a thorough understanding the client's business, industry and processes. The consultants provide tactical and confidential recommendations, built on a foundation of fundamental local, regional and global knowledge. This goes beyond the traditional view of consultancy; PCI believes in delivering tangible business outcomes through partnership and collaboration, focusing on the clients' short-term and long-term goals. PCI works as part of your team, providing timely and invaluable strategic support where needed. The company's experienced and committed people are able to produce reliable results for its clients in an efficient and commercially effective manner.